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I can be reached at bryancanary70@gmail.com

I am an intuitive empath. Please keep all inquiries sincere or we'll both know it in short notice. The following is a detailed list of my publishing to date:

On 9/23/2015 relevant individuals within our country and around the world were notified of this website and this situation via an email that can be found at http://bofa-bunker-buster.weebly.com/​ . That website introduces http://karmic-tsunami.weebly.com .  The Senators and Congressmen most interested in Banking Reform including Senator Sanders, Senator Warren, Congressman Sarbanes and Congressman Grayson (Florida) have been kept informed of this situation as it has played out. Others in our Government most aligned with our Bankers (like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden) were also kept moderately informed.

On 10/22/2015 http://bofa-racketeering-2015.weebly.com/ was launched to limit the focus to BofA and our National Banks (that website leaves out the HUGE picture historical info related to international Bankers, the FED, etc etc) -- A CFPB Case was opened in December 2015 related to BofA, in January 2016 BofA filed a farcical response, and from there members of the Government, the Media and BofA seemed to get more confused by the week. (magic trick!)

On 6/12/2016 http://naked-bankers-on-parade-2016.weebly.com/ was launched to expose yet more nonsensical Bank of America fraud (related to the core minutia they executed to create this website).

On 6/14/2016 http://the-heloc-reset-crisis-unmasked.weebly.com/​ was launched to fill in the nitty gritty factual details that were/are missing from this website. In May 2016 my research finally lead me to 'the document' which tied the OCC (Office of Comptroller of Currency) and the Board of Governors of the FED to this cash constriction crisis. This unmasking website also details relevant revelations related to 100 hours reviewing Regulation Z of the Truth in Lending Act so that those of legal mind would understand the true "illegality" of all of this, should that ever become relevant. (I'm more of a Karmic Law kind of guy, so those details were of less interest to me, but they were very nice to figure out!).

=== Details ===

1) My role as a Hub
- My role is to be open to any and all "groups of individuals" with a stake/interest in what's going on and what might transpire with banking after 9/27/2015. My role is also to be open to any other "individuals" who are acting as hubs.

2) Single point of contact - I only want one contact from any given interest group.

3) Requirements on Contact - Provide your name, your group, your interests, your intentions, your needs, your wants. Do not speak in code nor make me think too much. I will need to verify you thru linked in and/or facebook or other means. I will hold your name in confidence. If you setup fake linked in/fb pages or other, I can typically sense that almost instantly. Please do not do that. Just don't reach out if you can't do it with transparency. If you have fears related to being transparent, you are not ready to be speaking to me on behalf of your group. There is nothing that can be presented to me that I would deem shocking anymore (worldly or otherwise).  Every personal belief I had has dissolved include those related to my physical family and my upbringing.

4) Open Mind/Sincere Dialogue - My role is to keep and open mind to anyone interested in a sincere dialogue. I am open to hearing about problems or concerns related to others current or past, concerns about the future, and/or desires for the future. I'm open to helping figure out how to frame situations that aren't pretty in a light that can be digested by the masses. I won't encourage non-transparent behavior, but you'd be surprised how spinning the truth in a truthful manner can actually end in a win-win situation. Most of you would be "shocked" actually at how truth gets processed. Shocked. Few understand that concept. I'm a master of it. Most are clueless as to how that can work because they have no practice at it. I am not here to exercise judgment on anyone.

5) Not a Bull-Shitter - I have the ability to "sense" sincerity on a scale that goes from 1 to 10 with 10 being sincere. Please do not test me on that. I've already had some test me and it's been annoying. Just speak the truth. I'm not a judger. I have no need to be.

6) My email/phone/internet - My email, my phone, my internet service and my web services are being handled by "someone". I have no idea who or what is handling them.  At this point we can all be confident nothing is happening without someone watching, so lets just move forward quickly in transparent manner.

7) Other web pages/websites - If our dialogue needs to extend past email, I have the ability to build web pages and full websites in a matter of minutes or hours for private use or for sharing with other groups should that be deemed appropriate.

8) My perspective - I'm looking things starting at about 2 million years ago to present day.  Anything and everything in between is fair game for conversation. Other than fundamentals it seems like relevant stuff starts between 40,000 BCE and 4000 BCE.   I'm going to say that there was a "tampering era" around 10,000BCE but in actuality it could have been anywhere in the 40,000 to 8000 BCE time frame. I hope to get more clarity on that.  What I can say is that part of that tampering included the energizing of the karmic energy system in every energetic being.  That energy system was not active prior to the tempering era.  That energy system is a shared energy system, just like the mind and it has a transference mechanism built in so if you don't realize your own karmic energy, others important to you will realize your negative rewards. That has been mis-understood by many and increased awareness on that energy system is key to moving forward in a more peaceful and loving manner in the future. If you try to discuss or solve any problems without going back to Sumaria in the 3500BCE range you are dealing with a wealth of illusions.

I look forward to engaging in sincere dialogue with anyone interested in having it.  Everyone who is currently "good" has a past that was very dark.  No one is exempt from that evolutionary process.  Anyone who believes otherwise is mistaken.