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I've been publishing websites in one form or another since 1996.
  220 Club (2017 to present)
The 220 Club creates and promotes free and affordable resources that enable creative types to gain greater mastery over their commercial endeavors and their own lives in a very efficient manner.   Our resources include educational material, curriculum, technical documentation, how to guides, do-it-yourself software templates, and more. 

220 Club core resources are websites. You can get to them from the Core Resources menu on the website or directly from here:

Other related sites not directly referenced from 220Club website

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  3 Cats Media (2017 to present)
Some believe human consciousness can be measured by the breadth of that which one can listen to and converse about without suffering an allergic reaction; not that which one "knows" or "must believe in" to feel good or secure. I fall into this category and I've shared some of the resources I've enjoyed using to become who I am today on this website as well as some of my own publishing.
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  In 2015 I had a run in with some Bank of America  Executives and one of their Asst. General Counsels that was life changing.

These individuals committed and covered up blatant underwriting fraud during a loan  process and nobody at BofA seemed concerned. After complaining in writing, an Asst. General Counsel at BofA  offered me the deal that I was fraudulently declined as long as I signed a non-disclosure agreement.

I flipped them the bird and published all of that bullsh-t online. The weird part was that nobody else seemed to care much when I posted it either. Or did they?

I haven't really stopped writing and publishing since then.

The 220 Club and 3cats media publishing above all came about after this experience. This experience was a catalyst for sure. You just never know what might motivate one to write furiously or remove a mask or two.

I'm not going to provide an easy link to this line of publishing.

Those who are interested can go searching for it. 

It's a doozy!
  Other -

I have published and/or manage about 40 websites in total. Only about 2/3 of those can be found via this website.  Maybe some day I'll share some more links to others. I feel this is enough for now.